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Ms. Namira

" Review at Google On 02.06.2020 5⭐️

Got to know about Reshmi from a local podcast interview and booked appointment right away. I've been to a few tarot card readers and frankly, Reshmi's sessions was the most beneficial and high level of accuracy because she is able to do into deep length about a certain topic. Needed help with clarity and understanding my current situation and setbacks, thank you so much Reshmi for helping.

If you want more specific answers to assist with your decision making, I'd recommend Reshmi very much"


Chocolate Sundae (Priya)

" Review at Google On 29.03.2020 5⭐️

Reshmi is a gentle soul. My sessions with her were relaxing and gave me a great sense of clarity and renewed energy. If you're considering trying reiki, she is the person to put you at ease. "

Selva Ganapathy

" Review at Google On 29.03.2020 5⭐️

Had all my queries and doubts answered in my tarot reading session. A few sessions of reiki healing with her brought about a profound sense of peace within. Highly recommended healer! "


Ms. Rashmi Bhargave

" Review at Google On 03.03.2020 5⭐️

Her Predictions are absolutely bang on. I consult her regular "

Ms. Xu pei yi

" Review at Google On 02.03.2020 5⭐️

Reshmi is a wonderful tarot reader, her readings are accurate for me I feel and most importantly that she doesn't sugar coat her words. Some things that she said aren't what I hope to hear but I am glad she did. "

Mr. Jon Chan

" Review at Google On 29.02.2020 5⭐️

Great first experience tarot reading session with Mdm Reshmi. She listens to your questions and has accurate reading.... "


Mr.Surendra Muthusamy

" Review at Google On 19.02.2020 5⭐️

Accurate reading and answered my questions! Really appreciate the help she gave... "

Ms. Maryam (Marim A)

" Review at Google On 09.12.2019 5⭐️

Thank my dear for an opening eye reading . I enjoyed my time with you . The reding helpmed me to Understand a situation in my life. Best of luck my dear. "

Ms. Victory Mel

" Review at Google On 31.10.2019 5⭐️

Reshmi is friendly, straightforward and most importantly accurate in her reading.She's not at all Judgemental. She's also knowledgeable. Thanks "

Ms. Florence Soon

" Review at Google On 29.08.2019 5⭐️

Reshmi makes one very comfortable and she gives an objective view based on the reading. =) "

Ms. Viknaeswari S

" Review at Google On 23.08.2019 5⭐️

Thanks for a absolute spot on reading. It helped on clearing up the mind and an eye opener for the present situation on what can be done. Felt a sense of relieve and peace. A good guidance on what should be done. Thanks Reshmi and may god bless you always. "

Puja Talesara Bhandari

" Review at Fb page on 02.08.2019 5 ⭐️

Reshmi is very intuitive reader. She was even on our show Shesparks. Her readings were so appreciated by our global audience that we plan to call her again.

Reshmi is very good listener understands the questions gives unbiased readings. Above all she is a very genuine warm human being. Highly recommended "


Ms. Poulomi Ghosh

" Review at Google On 23.07.2018 5⭐️

Hi everyone, if you want a perfect prediction for your future, plz visit Reshmi Koiri....she is very accurate with her predictions and will patiently answer your questions.... i am very greatfull to her for giving me a new hope in life. She is awesome. "

Mr.Shah Rizlan Bin Samsir

" Review at Google On 03.07.2018 5⭐️

Reshmi was straightforward, no holds barred, honest and sincere. It's amazing how most of the things mentioned were spot on. I was at a crossroad and had to make a very important decision. After a session with her, I had a much a clearer idea. "

Mr. Low jun

" On 26.05.2019 fb page : Amazing powerful tarot reading, truly appreciate Ms Reshmi consultant service. "


Ms.Sam Li Ying

" Google: 01.05.2019 5 Star ⭐️

Did a Reiki session there. Reshmi really has a positive and calming vibe around her and I really feel a lot better and calmer after the session. Definitely going back again! "

Jasmine Neo

" Google & Facebook page review on 08.04.2019 : (15.03.2019) 5 stars ⭐️

Reshmi is really patient and gentle person! She listens & gives an accurate and honest reading. Went for more than 1 session so highly recommend :) "


Medha Gupta

" Google review on 05.04.2019 : 5 stars ⭐️

My reading with Reshmi was very calming and accurate. She doesn't come across as a commercial minded person and genuinely talks hears you out like a Friend. She has a very pleasing and warm persona that makes you open up to her which makes you very comfortable in her presence. For the first time I came out feelin very relaxed from a session. Thanks for being such a good human being Reshmi! "


Toshi Suzuki

" Google review on 08.03.2019 : 5 stars ⭐️

It was truly amazing sessions !! "

Suchitthra Vasu

" Google review on 17.02.2019 : 5 stars ⭐️

Reshmi Koiri has a angelic face which is soft and she speaks gently making you feel very composed and relaxed when you do a reading from her.I had been to her a number of times and I am very satisfied with her accurate reading.She is astoundingly accurate.I was about to loose my tenant and she told me the lease would be extended and lo and behold the next day the tenant said he was to extend his stay with me for 6 months .Mind you Reshmi told me his extension will be for 6 months too.She does not just tell you all the good news in your life she also tells you what will not be good for you so your are guided by the higher forces through her reading.She is warm, soft spoken and a gifted Tarot card reader and I would recommend her to any one with no reservations whatsoever.She is a spiritual person and encourages one to pray and connect with divinity for best results in your life so you are sure this lady is a good woman with a high sense of integrity .She has the gift acquired from divinity.I am very happy with her and will now only go back to her for regular readings and her rates are very very affordable to the man on the street Well done Reshmi and thank you so much Suchitthra Vasu Lawyer/Writer/Author//Novelist and Artist "


Rena Kua

" Google review on 21.01.2019 : (18th jan) 5 stars ⭐️

This is the first tarot reading I've been to and Reshmy was friendly and was patient with me, guiding me with simple questions to start addressing my concerns. Reshmy readings were pretty accurate and they addressed my concerns. Highly recommended! Thank you Reshmy! :) "

Johnason Chong

" Google review on 11.12.2018 : 5 stars ⭐️

This is my 2nd time seeking for reading. She said smiliar things as my first reader so didnt ask certain things in detail. She also provides good guidance & advise in the best form of your interests and from your personality. She dont overemphasize her reading but give recommendation as eventually the choices in life still lie from our own decisions. "

Cathy C

" Google review on 29.09.2018 (Chrystal)

Accurate reading. Reshmy is very sincere, genuine, patient. She will tell the truth without sugar coating. Highly recommend for those who seek for advices. Her reading has been accurate so far. Thank you Reshmy! You have such a good heart! God bless! "

Disha Bhavsar

" Google Review On 25.08.2018

Amazing experience! i would recommend anyone who seeks for a guidance and really confused. She is very soften spoken. She does not like to exaggerate situation and only tells the truth and guides you through. Strongly recommended!!! please visit her to get you a clearer answer. "

Arun Surendra Nair

" Google Review On 17.08.2018

Reshmi is really a magical intuitive healer as well as tarot card reader. She is very switched on , empathetic and able to pin point accurate predictions. She predicted the month my issues will be closed as well as used Reiki healing to manage & suppresss my anxiety. Will recommend Reshmi to anyone looking for guidance, crystal healing & Tarot reading "

Ms. Harinderpal Kaur

" Review on 11.08.2018 (phone reading review on phone)

Thank you so much for the clarity! You did a very good job, and your predictions was on point. You are doing such a noble job! Thank you, and god bless you! "

Kanika Shukla

" Review on 19.07.2018
Very Accurate readings by Reshmi. Impressive! Your prediction that I will get a job lesser than my exp ..has actually come true and its been 2 months i am working. U also told me by Aug I may get another opportunity suitable per my exp
So I am getting interview calls now...
Also minor accident thing..came out to be kind of true which u had told us.. Thanks "


Ms.Dimple Doshi

" Review on 24.06.2018
Reshmi reading is very accurate and reliable. she is perfect and all her reading and healing is very accurate. She did Reiki healing for one of my problem and with god grace and her perfect healing my problem was solved. I am so happy with her Reiki healing. i would say people must definitely approach her with out any doubt for healing and reading.Her reading & Reiki healing is excellent. "

Ms.Melanie Acacia

" Review on 27.03.2018
Reshmi is a very kind and sincere reader. She will answer all your questions. I recommend her to everyone. "

Mr.Chris Cheong

"Review on 26.03.2018
Genuine, sincere and patient , listens in details for your questions and replies in true manner . "

Mr. Steven Hung

" Review on 23.03.2018
Went for my first Tarot Reading at Reshmi's place few months back. Went there again this earlier month. I can say that the readings are pretty accurate: for me, it was more about my personal/love aspect of my life that stood out my attention in both visit. each time, got correct reading on a significant person in my life that I referring to.. the recent one wasn't the reading outcome I was hoping for but I can now say it does match reality. thanks. Reshmi is very patient person and would attend all questions you would have. I will definitely come again. "


Ms. Carol Tan

" Review on 21.03.2018
Interesting experience and relax setting! Useful for a guide to as the second opinion. It has been such a pleasure knowing you. Thank you! "

Ms. Lynn Ong

" Review on 18.03.2018
It has been an interesting and eye opener experience to know how tarot card can review the truth. Ramesh is friendly and helpful. She is able to provide me with clearer advise on my needs base on the reading. Thank you. "


Ms. Apple Yeo Hui Jing

" Review on 11.03.2017 Always wanted to try tarot reading but let go of that thought after a while. However one day, I had actually dreamt that I had consulted Reshmi for a reading and then decided to give it a try. I am thankful that I actually went for it because she definitely let me know stuff that I had been questioning myself and I definitely feel in peace and able to let go of the past. "

Mr. Max Loh

" Review on 08.03.2018
Reshmi is amazingly accurate. Her cards sees nothing but the truth. If you have any burning questions, Reshmi is the one you should go to. High recommended. Her advice has given me lots of guidance. Thank You Reshmi! "


Ms.Dayana Tan

"Review on 9th February 2018
Reshmi offered good advice and detailed readings. Some were rather accurate. Though I have yet to experience some of the outcome mentioned. I have to be more patience I guess. "

Ms.Jolene Wu

" Review on 1st February 2018
Reshmi gave me very detailed and accurate readings. A very patient lady as well. Thank you for helping me answer all my queries! "



" Reshmi is very professional in how she carried out her readings. She was able to pick up information that I didn't share with her. She's very honest in what she says and does not lead you on. Most of her readings were pretty accurate. I highly recommend her if you'd like to get your reading done. "

Mr. Deevesh Ramesh

" Reshimi is a very kind and accurate tarot reader. Went for a reading session and was surprised by how accurate her answers were. I would definitely recommend her for readings, she is the real deal. "


Anita Muniandy

" My God!!!!! My goodness! This woman is bloody fabulous! I was speechless ! She IS the REAL DEAL. I swear Reshmi is the best and the ONLY accurate tarot reader in the world, in the Universe ! Everything she said about me is so spot on and eerily accurate. Good or bad, she will deliver to you nothing but only the truth. I highly, gratefully appreciate that. Very honest. She will never sugar coat anything to make you a happy customer. No Mumbo Jumbo! She will not (NEVER) sell you fairytales. I was completely blown away. I was also in such a shock when she predicted from her cards what is going to happen to me in 10 to 12 years time from now because this prediction matched exactly with my astrology horoscope prediction which i never told her about. Now tell me? - how is that possible?? It is not a coincidence ! And definitely not guess work. I think she's from another planet.
Please believe me, Reshmi is a real, true powerful SEER. No one is better than her, no one ! Her skill and ability are unmatchable and unbeatable. I guarantee that No one will ever be disappointed with her indepth insightful reading. Go to her only if you can handle the truth. Her cards are very powerful and they don't lie ! Everything she says IS the truth. She is the truth. I'm running out of superlatives here because she's just that good and too good to be true. Never miss a reading with this Prophetess ! BEYOND ASTOUNDING ! A god gifted trustworthy source !
Dear Prophetess Reshmi, thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

Ms. Sonali Roychoudhury

" I am staunch follower of fortune teller or tarot reading... Reshmi is best tarot reader i ever came across. I have been following her advises, resulting from card reading since quite a while. Her counts are highly accurate and result driven. I am getting enormous gain. In single word Reshmi is remarkable and talented. Excellent service. Amicable, accurate and honest service Rashmi. Amazing experience and surprising words. Keep it up the good work. "



" Accurate and nice reader. Will definitely come again when I need advise "

Ms.Evi Cuaca

" Interesting experience! Good as a guide to seeking for the second opinion. It has been such a pleasure knowing you. Thank you! "


Ms.Tedjha Xtine

" Hi! I already came to this tarot reading. I also recommend you to come here this tarot reading because it’s totally perfect answer for all my problem and all my question. The reader was so kind and helpful. She can answer all my question and all of my problems. She can also read my mind and knows what i want. Thank you so much sis! You’re trusted ! Nice to meet her. "


Mr. Muhammad Shanawaz

" Warm and friendly, Reshmi's tarot reading was accurate to my situation and gave me a lot of useful insight. Thank you for being so helpful! "

Ms. Magdeline Hong

" Accurate and honest reading. Would definitely recommend my friends to Reshmi. "

Mr. Koh Jiahao Shaun

" She is very friendly and helpful........... "


Ms.Elaine Tan

" Had an enlightenment on my question that is bothering me for a while. "



" I went for a reading with a muddled head and came back home with such great clarity. It has been a meaningful session. All of my questions were answered with great depth. I would certainly recommend Reshimi with my eyes closed. "

Kanupriya Bhutani Sabharwal

" Reshmi guided me through in difficult times. Her predictions in psychic reading in Singapore are accurate and precise. She is a wonderful person and has Gods gift to help others. Hats off to her sense of predicting things and showing the light in darkness. "


Trupti Ojha

" For Reshmi I have only one sentence i.e : "A True Tarot Card Reader” Best Tarot reading or psychic reading in Singapore I have ever had! Reshmi is a brilliant tarot card reader. I had done a few psychic reading in Singapore from her in my difficult and confusing times and her readings have given me hope and helped me to tide over some of the most difficult times of my life. In times of distress, when I was confused and dejected, I contacted her for psychic reading in Singapore who was kind enough to do a Tarot reading for me. I felt the reading really connected with my life's journey, and helped to give me the understanding of it in a greater depth and insight. I got so much valuable information during our session, I was scribbling like mad. Everything was spot on, not only about me but also about my family .Everything interpreted by her was quite correct. She has thorough knowledge of the cards. I was quite happy and satisfied with her psychic reading in Singapore. I am very elated for her success and achievements. I certainly recommend to my dear ones to consult her for any kind of problem.
I wish her all the best always!. Trupti Ojha "